About US

Once upon a time, there was a group of long-time friends that loved to get together and have fun playing Poker. Over the years, these friends played every possible type of Poker game and began making up their own Poker rules to compete with one another and find new ways of playing the game they loved.

The friends quickly realized these new Poker games were challenging enough for even the most ‘professional’ amongst them, while some allowed for new friends just beginning to understand this thing called Poker. The ‘Eureka’ moment came when everyone around the table realized that playing these new games was only making their love for Poker stronger, keeping the game exciting and fresh for all levels of players.And so….We have…..



Bringing innovative poker concepts to new and old players alike. Every game proven in the best possible arena - around the table with friends.

Why ‘Fifty Cats’?

Imagine trying to finish even the first game of the night before someone declares ‘hey, let’s change the rules” and you will get the idea how much fun herding cats was long into the night…..